Friday, July 26, 2013


I saw Baby girl light up when she saw beads on a girls hair, so I went out and bought some beads and did this. Boy! Was she patient through it all and now that it is done, she is having a great time flipping it back and forth. The noise may get annoying after a while but it is nice to see her enjoy her hair. That is a picture of little man clocking 3 months old boo! How time flies. His sister is enjoying him more and more. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working Mama

Hope you have all been well. So I am back to work and truthfully it was hard to come back, but as soon as I got in the groove of things  I realized very quickly that I do enjoy being a 'working mama'.  Yup! it makes me focus at work so that I can run home to my babies.  Yesterday I was due to pump so I had a nursing cover, and pumped while I drove home from work, and at the same time I was taking calls from the hospital staff on my earpiece.  We still eat home cooked meals in our house prepared mostly by me (phew! I was concerned about that). Anyways, when I arrived home baby girl topped it up by running to give me her biggest embrace with a loud "Mama! I luh u!"

It is amazing how much of a difference it is going from a mama of one to a mama of two, I am mastering giving both kids attention including my husband (work-in-progress); I feel like I am not as readily available to my friends and family; I've also felt that I have less time for myself but oddly enough it rarely bothers me; I've  felt like I have learned to exercise any and every time that I have with the children; I now feel that the time in the day is too short for me; I've cheated on several occasions on my children's bed time so that I can play with them; I've felt like my priorities have changed, and before I had no time for drama but now I do not tolerate or allow it at all; we always have guests at my house (b-day, baby shower, birth ....) so I am increasingly enjoying hosting; I have less time to exercise (open to tips).

My phone and is planning skills has become one of my best pals, if that appointment is not on my phone I forget it all together;  I have had less time for blogging; or even writing in my children's journal;  Baby girl has also taught me a lot of patience and I am teaching her about boundaries ; she is a 2 year old that came with the package deal- by that I mean all of the challenges that comes with discipline.

Cheers to you all! And I will come back soon.