Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm counting my blessings

I'm sitting in my car pumping breastmilk for my little munchkin who is still exclusively breastfed. Today is my weekend to cover for my group and papa is home by himself with both our children for over 2 hours. I have some anxiety but all is well thus far. In fact I checked in and none of our children's arms are missing. In fact the good thing about it is my husband gets a taste of what many take for granted- the mom. He sent me this awesome text message...

"Ndaa, don't know how you are able to coordinate all these with the kids.  Some times, it is stressful but I enjoy every minute with them. You are very good with them. You are a great mom any kid should hope for.  We love you and keep up the good work."

I wish I can leave it all and run home to celebrate mothers day- yes mothers day. But I've got to work till Monday.I'm with them as I take my breaks in between to pump, call home and hear him say " Ndaa when re u coming home"; baby girl screaming in excitement mama! When she hears my voice and my 4 month old cooing in the background. I'm counting my blessings...they make my hectic days feel like a piece of cake .