Sunday, September 22, 2013


This weekend was our yearly girlfriend trip and it was a blast in its on way. It is a trip with my close friends from medical school. AB (pediatrician), KW (gen surgeon), TW(obgyn) and me (fam medicine). You may go back to this post -  For the first few years our meeting spot had always been in New York. It was fast paced, so much to see and do and it fit our lifestyle at the time. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter we met in Kansas (where I did my residency); then the following year it was in Orlando, fl because I was still nursing my daughter. Now this year it was again in Florida (since i am still nursing my son). We laughed as to how much the trip had changed. First of all, we have two children (mine of course) and because we had to worry about them we had to secure a nanny, and limit the places we would go but somehow we managed to have a good time. They got to see how I live and how i balance my many roles, at the end of the trip they wondered who took care of me. Who knows?
I enjoyed the time with them and I appreciate their willingness to make it work. Though i had to break away a few times to nurse my son it did not ruin the trip.
We take a face picture every year in the same position and we plan to do it every year for another 50 + years. I love these women, we uplift and enrich each other and those few days we spend each year are great though they have never been enough.