Monday, November 11, 2013

Silence in Our House

At our house these days there is rarely ever a dull moment especially with young miss chatterbox-curios-energetic chic we have fir a daughter.
Right now it is silent and my husband and I do cherish our 59 minutes of fame. Lol we dance, catch up on tv shows, news, ahhh blog, work .... before Chidi wakes up for a feeding before the morning.
Yes the funny thing is my husband and I look forward to this usually at about 8 pm when both kids are exhausted and as a result become a danger to themselves and or others. But when d t T Usuallyme comes we are always thrown off guard for the first 10 minutes. We start to wonder what di we do now? Lol
Baby girl loves her brother; it wasnt love at first sight, their love began the very day she looked at him and he smiled at her...and her face lit up and she exclaimed with so much enthusiasm "mama his laughing." It was then it occurred to me that up until this point this new being must have been annoying to her.  I mean he didnt do much but cry, suck mamas boobies,poop ... she must have wondered what was so special that made him take her mamas time away.
In the picture, the kids were dressed for a long 6 hour drive to ATL to meet papas friend from high school. We had an awesome time. We have started decorations for Xmas and we've bought xmas pjs yay!


Adaeze Ibechukwu said...

Aww my Naeto is so handsome and cute. See my Mmeso, sweety pie.

Nenyenwa said...


Rhapsody said...

Quiet moments are always a treasure.

Beautiful children, you are blessed.