Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Birthday

Our Dear Son,

In a few days you will be one and I have sat up all night preparing the dishes that we will serve at your party.
I also had some time to think about how time had gone by. I remember your pregnancy, you really showed me how strong I can be. You came 10 pounds 3 ounces 22.75 inches long 3weeks earlier than your due date and though you were not an easy delivery, you were my easiest. I remember laboring with you at home with your papa giving me back massages and helping me breathe- we felt connected with you; I remembered saying (as the contractions got stronger )that I guess this is it. I wasn't going to miss your kicks :) When I got to the hospital I was 8.5 cm, we did great.  You finally came out vaginally with some minor complications and so had to go to the step down unit from the NICU. I was exhausted and wondered how you got so big I had exercised all through my pregnancy- your pap was very supportive.
I remembered the first time I held you, you looked just like your sister, I recalled the first time I heard that cry and i knew it was you. We bonded right away and still are.
You have grown so much and started taking more steps. I was afraid that you will bond with me less since I had to go back to work early but that has not being the case. 
You are so smart and can understand both languages, and sometimes even your sisters combo of all three. You and your sister sometimes may bicker but you love your sister so much. I love that you call your papa 'Nna' sometimes. Your papa loves it too.
You love to play and laugh and you have such an infectious laugh that it is saved as my phone's ringtone and my alarm sound.
You have a lot of teeth and love food sheesh! You love food. You steal you sisters food all the time.
You made me a mother of two and I am still learning to balance since your sister still is attached to mama as well. And plus your Nna loves his wife too.
I love teaching you and your sister especially about God. I love how you recognize the tone of importance in my voice and look at me, very serious as if you are soaking it all in.
I fear of the struggles you may encouter growing up as a young black man but I pray for you everyday and ask God to help me raise a calm, responsible, God-fearing young man.
You are stubborn and even lazy atimes and will cry atimes when you don't get your way but your mama is tough isn't she?
I bless you my boy and I thank God for you everyday. You will always touch, feel and breathe success. You will be hardworking, caring and a man of integrity. You will be sensitive and be a great impact to those you encounter. We all love you especially big sissy who showers you with lots of kisses. Happy first birthday! From Mama, Papa, Sis. Mmeso


MPB said...

You have such a beautiful family.

LadyNgo said...

And here i was thinking you were going to be talking about YOUR birthday lol. (Happy Belated by the way. I swear idk why i keep thinking you and Olisa are on the 20th).

Can't believe this little guy is already 1. Time sure flies doesn't it.

Mrs A said...

Lovely pictures and I love your message to your son :)

Ofure Blogs said...

What a handsome little boy and a beautiful family!

Nenyenwa said...

everyone thank you so much, yes time sure does fly

RJT said...

How wonderful and sweet a message. GOD has blessed Jude with a beautiful, intelligent wife and beautiful children. May GOD continue to bless and keep you all safe and content, ever. My love and prayers, Rhonda Taylor

Anonymous said...

I bumped into your blog today and mehn you can write. I read every of your write up and I must confess you're good. Keep it up nenyenwa.

Nenyenwa said...

@RJT and Anonymous Ty!

Adaeze Ibechukwu said...

Time does fly...I remember when Naeto was born. Just like yesterday. Nenye, do keep up the good work of being a wonderful mama.

Nenyenwa said...

Thanks Ada :)