Thursday, February 18, 2016

In The Midst Of Our Chaos

Hi my blog readers, how I've missed you so…. I never thought my busy life will stretch our distance but I would like to make a simple commitment to at least once a month.

As I write this post, Baby Girl is doing her homework; and Baby Boy is practicing his sign language and in between he runs to the potty and we (minus papa) all stop what we are doing to do the potty-praise-dance. Papa is out of state at Naval Postgraduate School (i'm sure studying for some exam); I have home made mac and cheese baking in the oven. This is a typical day in our home; I come home from a whole day of work; we exchange kisses (minus the hubby who is away); Nanny waves good bye; I prepare dinner simultaneously, while I finish my work notes and the kids do their studies and then we sit down for dinner and we talk about their day; then we play; read; bath time; prayers; pick out their outfits for the next day, sleep and oh my! I feel exhausted already just simply narrating the sequence of events (sigh). When the kids are in bed I go back to work! work! then clean up the living room while talking to hubby on the phone; finish work; do some yoga and then I sleep.
Typically hubby comes to visit us once a month, simply because it is easier for one person to travel than for three people to travel but for the first time since he has been away (14 months) I went to visit him and left the children with my parents and you wouldn't believe how much I missed this boring routine, I missed my children so much that you would think a country separated us.  I know it is ok to do this once in a while but I tell you I hope it is easier the next go around because for me there is something about tucking my babies to sleep and knowing that they will be in their rooms where I left them. Every night I had to close my eyes and imagine I was doing all of those routines just so that I could carry on.

Hope your days went well. Stay blessed